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From Korea to Hawaii -- A Musebox

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WOW IT'S JUST THE ONE AU THIS TIME [Jul. 31st, 2009|01:34 am]
From Korea to Hawaii -- A Musebox
Navigation from within a cloud was difficult.

Navigation from within a cloud with a low quality compass was very difficult.

Navigation from within a cloud with a low quality compass while totally and completely panicked was suicidal.

This wasn't something the Baron would normally do, but then again, was the baron ever known to (semi) steal an airship, run away from the manor, and hightail it to the skies for adventure? Mary didn't think so. Then again, Mary didn't really know what to think about all of this. She had served under Baron Edgeworth for a great many years. She'd been through lovers, pets, scorned kingdoms, flooded basements and a rather peculiar cellar. But running off to become what basically amounted to piracy? Not her forte.

Then again, was operating a cannon any better?

It had started off well enough. Baron Edgeworth knew where he was going -- somehow. His face was nothing but grim, his mouth set in a thin slash across his face. Was he that worried?

Her questions were silenced as they skimmed the top of the next cloud; she was blinded by the flash of cannons, skin warmed by the burn of magical energy. They descended as quickly as they had risen, but the air seemed to thicken with more than precipitation. Tension, rolling out of their ship in waves.

A cold voice.

"Mary. The cannons."

She looked up in alarm.

"... The cannons?"

"We have the element of surprise." His storm grey eyes flickered out into the clouds, where faint spots of light marked the dogfight just beyond the foggy haze.

"And we are going to use it."
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AU of the AU of the AU of the AU AUAUAUAUAUAU [Jul. 26th, 2009|06:20 pm]
From Korea to Hawaii -- A Musebox
>DJMURA has signed in
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Sometime later.. (SteampunkAU) [Jun. 12th, 2009|08:03 pm]
From Korea to Hawaii -- A Musebox
[Current Music |Andrew Bird - Not a Robot, But a Ghost | Powered by Last.fm]

"But that means...Master Edgeworth!"


But before the head maid could protest, a younger woman- no more than 18, really- pushed past the elaborate double doors, barreling down the hallway of the lavish VonKarma mansion. The behaviour was abhorrent, yes; but the message was urgent.

Mary Kohn held little privilege in the household, such as it was. Only having been hired a few years ago, she quickly rose to be one of the top maids in the Duke's household, and had been praised on more than one occasion by the Duke's wife before the lady took her leave- making her one of few others to receive such an accomplishment. Her job was hard, and she worked long hours, but she was proud of it.

Over time, she had grew to know the Duke's adopted son, Baron Miles Edgeworth. Never anything less than professional, of course, even if Mary harbored a slight crush on him (that didn't matter- he was beyond her league to begin with, in many ways). By some miracle, he was unusually open with her, and over time she realized that her duties tended to revolve around the Baron's living space- not that she complained, of course, but it was certainly odd. Many people spoke in no uncertain terms about how odd the Baron was (never in his presence, of course), but that fact that he seemed to take a liking to this maid was the start of rumors and much speculation.

That meant she was doing her job well.

She stumbled upon the stairs, almost tripping over her feet as she grabbed the marble handrail. After righting herself, she pressed on quickly, pushing her way rudely up the steps past scowls and looks of concern.

"Master Edgeworth! Come quick!"

One of Mary's morning tasks included the fetching of the Baron's mail to be delivered to the post in town. It tended to be normal correspondence- business inquiries, invitations to socials. Mary never quite understood the need for such formality, but she supposed that's why she wasn't nobility. They were meant to understand such things.
During one of these outings, a letter slipped from from a hastily sent and none too closed envelope. Mary noticed, and had picked it up- with full intent to put it back into the envelope, honest- until curiosity got the best of her, and she read it.

It wasn't until she noticed the intended recipient of the letter that she realized that it was far beyond a normal note to a lover.

She had told him the truth, and had begged to him, pleading to keep her job, promising not to reveal the situation to anybody. He certainly wasn't pleased by what she told him, but then something happened that Mary would never have expected.

He laughed, and she kept her job. The reason?

"You are honest," he had told her, "which is a quality that is severely lacking in these parts."

From then on, Mary handled this new, important task of being both a bearer of correspondence (such as she did earlier, when the Baron asked her to pass along a note to that cold first mate of his lover's ship), and curtailing rumors by giving the appearance of her being more than a maid to the Baron. He didn't specifically ask for the second part, and had apologized for dragging her into such a dishonorable situation, but Mary didn't mind. It really was the least she could do.

Finally, almost skidding past the Baron's door, she stopped, pounding on it as hard as she could.

"Baron Edgeworth! Please open the door!"

"What's the problem, Mary?"

She turned, looking worriedly at the footman- Marcus, a new hire.

"The ship that the Duke had sent out-- it's being attacked! It's all over Nimbus News on the telehubs!"

Marcus paled, and after quickly confirming this was so, bolted downstairs to take a glimpse at the scene. It wasn't just the Baron's personal life that was in jeopardy- that ship was rumored to be vital to the continued success of the VonKarma gentry, and if that went down, everything could be lost. Why else would the Duke hire such an odd cast of characters?

Meanwhile, Mary pounded against the heavy wooden doors again, exasperated.

"Baron Edgeworth!"


"45 degrees, port side! I want this ship turned around, now!"

Phoenix leaped off the edge of the helm, rushing over to one of the girls- Yukiko? something like that- and helped her control the rigging of the left sail. A recent phaser blast nearly ripped it to shreds, which would be a large problem unless immediately fixed. Cursing under his breath, he turned to his right, barking out another order before facing the girl again.

Confident that she could handle it, he ran over to his own ship's weapons, watching repairs quickly being made to the side turrents, and more of the kids firing steadily at-
well, at clouds. They were in a thick patch of them, darkly gray and threatening to split open soon. He would have made a comment on the irony of this if he wasn't worried about the welfare of his ship and crew at the moment.

"Be careful on that! And stop shooting until we can see what the hell it is! William, get your ass over to that power generator and charge it- Yosuke, how long until those repairs can be made?"

It was as if their unknown assailant knew exactly where to target their attacks to do the most damage. That was impossible- no one he could think of would have access to the ship's blueprints aside from the crew, and none that ever boarded would have shared except--


The clouds gradually started to give way- but not to something that improved the situation. The entire sky was overcast, thick and heavy and drooping- there was no doubt that this storm was about to rip the sky right open. Phoenix could even see the approaching wind and rain ahead of him- far enough away to not immediately worry about it, but close enough that he needed to act quickly before any more damage was done. This was filed away, however, due to a much larger, much immediate threat finally making its presence known.

It was streamlined. It was colorful. It was modern, gorgeous- a true statement on technology and the genius of man.

It was stolen from the Imperial Guard, and could honestly use some improvements.

Phoenix gritted his teeth as the ship fully formed ahead of him. "Damn her!" he thought, and not for the first time did he wonder just what the Duke's true plan for this excursion was.
After all, she never chased after anything unless it was priceless.

Phoenix gripped the side of the ship, knuckles changing color, and waited for her to make her grand entrance.
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AU Tiem: Day (Ensign fucking stupid asshole) [Jun. 7th, 2009|02:00 am]
From Korea to Hawaii -- A Musebox

Everyone up! We've got to make sure everything's in great shape for today-- Kanji, I swear to god if you eat anymore donuts I'm going to use you as an anchor, stop that.
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AU Time [Jun. 1st, 2009|08:38 pm]
From Korea to Hawaii -- A Musebox
*It wasn't often that there was a party of this magnitude in the city. Then again, this was the house of Von Karma - it was almost expected of the family every time they invited the city to their ball. Well, the highest tier of society, that was.

And after launching a business venture such as this, well, it was only expected that this would happen, eventually.

The nighttime atmosphere was only accentuated by the golden, shimmering lights buzzing about on silvery machines, shaped like beautiful, incandescent insects. Arching ceilings, too high to reach; elaborately painted. Giant shimmering sculptures, women in gowns, men dressed to the nines.

And Miles? Well, he was sulking about. The journey that would begin the next day was on his mind. His family was funding yet another exploration into the unknown continents; their fleet of airships was lending out one of its finest to a crew that would depart without him. It wasn't proper for him to leave on a journey such as this, despite his previous experience. What good was being one of the best up-and-coming explorers if one was never allowed to explore?

Stuck in the world of high society. It didn't make him sick, but it did seem tiresome. Polite conversation only went so far.*
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Because the topic intrigued me yesterday [May. 31st, 2009|10:30 pm]
From Korea to Hawaii -- A Musebox

*Their awkward conversation the night before had been on his mind for the next day. It frustrated him to no end. It had been years. There wasn't much left to be awkward about, and yet, there it was right in front of them. It was a stupid thing to worry about but they'd been dancing around each other all the same. A little difficult to do when you were both in the same apartment.

Post-mission dealings seemed to have a lot to do with sneaking around to get coffee, then retreating back to one room or another.

"If they were normal."

A grunt as he shifted a bit from his prone position on their bed, glaring out the window at the setting sun.

Bullshit. They weren't normal, and it wasn't like some legal bits of paper had anything to do with them. But it bothered him all the same.*
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character sheet [May. 31st, 2009|02:05 am]
From Korea to Hawaii -- A Musebox

Under the cutCollapse )</lj-cut?
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Character sheet uno [May. 31st, 2009|12:20 am]
From Korea to Hawaii -- A Musebox


Human Male Smart Hero 9 / Techie 4

Representing lulzface

Strength 12 (+1)
Dexterity 16 (+3)
Constitution 13 (+1)
Intelligence 19 (+4)
Wisdom 16 (+3)
Charisma 14 (+2)

Size: Medium
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 120 lb
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Gray
Skin: Pale

Savant -- computer use
Savant -- electronic
Savant -- mechanical
Savant -- technology
Savant -- repair

Total Hit Points: 61

Speed: 30 feet

Armor Class: 18 = 10 + 5 [class] +3 [dexterity]

Touch AC: 18
Flat-footed: 15

Initiative modifier: +3 = +3 [dexterity]
Fortitude save: +5 = 4 [base] +1 [constitution]
Reflex save: +7 = 4 [base] +3 [dexterity]
Will save: +11 = 8 [base] +3 [wisdom]
Attack (handheld): +7/+2 = 6 [base] +1 [strength]
Attack (missile): +9/+4 = 6 [base] +3 [dexterity]
Grapple check: +7/+2 = 6 [base] +1 [strength]
Reputation: +4 = 4 [base]

Action points: 113 (lifetime)

Technician (starting occupation)

Craft (mechanical)
Knowledge (technology)


Builder (+2 on two craft skills) [please hand-edit]
Educated (+2 on two knowledge skills) [please hand-edit]
Medical Expert
Simple Weapon Proficiency [free]
Advanced Mecha Operation
Mecha Operation
Thrifty Mechanic


Dex* 3
Bluff 2
Climb 1
Computer Use 31
Concentration 4
Craft (Electronic) 27
Craft (Mechanical) 30
Diplomacy 9
Disable Device 12
Disguise 2
Drive 11
Escape Artist 3
Forgery 4
Gather Information 12
Hide 3
Intimidate 2
Investigate 10
Jump 1
Knowledge (current events) 11
Knowledge (history) 10
Knowledge (popular culture) 11
Knowledge (streetwise) 7
Knowledge (tactics) 10
Knowledge (technology) 30
Listen 3
Move Silently 3
Navigate 11
Pilot 9.5
Repair 32
Research 16
Survival 5.5
Swim 2
Treat Injury 10


* Extra feat at first level (already included)
* Four extra skill points at first level (already included)
* One extra skill point at each additional level (already included)


* Jury-Rig (level 1, level 7)
* Extreme Machine (level 2)
* Build Robot (level 4)
* Mastercraft (level 5, level 8, level 10)

Class HP rolled
Level 1: Smart Hero 6
Level 2: Smart Hero 6
Level 3: Smart Hero 3
Level 4: Smart Hero 6 +1 to intelligence
Level 5: Smart Hero 1
Level 6: Smart Hero 5
Level 7: Smart Hero 1
Level 8: Smart Hero 1 +1 to dexterity
Level 9: Smart Hero 1
Level 10: Techie 5
Level 11: Techie 4
Level 12: Techie 6 +1 to constitution
Level 13: Techie 3

Otacon's Equipment:

Otacon's Languages:
C+, C++, Java, Pascal, COBOL, VB, various incarnations of Linux

Otacon's Allegiance(s):
Solid Snake Philanthropy

More about Otacon:

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... [May. 17th, 2009|12:44 pm]
From Korea to Hawaii -- A Musebox

*He wasn't bad, but he still needed some practice. It could explain why he was out in a field with a notebook of sheet music, playing as much as he could.

He was loathe to admit that it soothed him, in a way.
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MGS MANIFESTO [May. 11th, 2009|12:43 am]
From Korea to Hawaii -- A Musebox

So this is just a little thing that will bring us up to speed because we're so damn epic.


-Don't we know this already, jesus christ.


-Here, Toby was encountered. He insisted on becoming a part of Philanthropy and continuing on an investigation of a lab in Southern Russia, but Snake and Otacon refused.
-Catches Otacon trying to steal the files about the lab and running, which causes him to fly into a rage. Snake eventually kills him before he can kill Hal.
-They go back to NYC, where the Philanthropy apartments had been invaded. Hiding in the clothing district.
-Snake and Raiden go back to the apartment, where they find Moses, a Toby lookalike. He tells them to run as fast as they can, because his employer can only hold off the forces of the Patriots for so long.
-Mei, Raiden, Snake and Otacon eventually escape over the northern border.


-Four more Toby lookalikes are found in the city, who threaten Hal and attempt to kill/break apart Philanthropy.
-They deliver an ultimatum -- Assist them in taking down a medical facility operated by the Patriots, or die.
-Two of them seem especially interested in awakening a latent personality inside of Snake's mind; a 'genetic memory' that appears to be stronger due to being a clone.
-Hal and Dave conclude that the Toby lookalikes must be clones, but the question remains of why there would be clones of him, and how they got there anyway.


-Here, the first Lab infiltration is performed. Initial scouting reveals that the two doctors in charge of the facility are Dr. Nichols and Dr. Julie Lane, Otacon's stepmother. Drama ensues.
-Julie later appears to warn them not to disturb them at the lab, refers to Hal as her experiment. She herself is a psychiatrist specializing in youth development.
-When infiltration occurs inside of the virus research facility, a cure for FoxDie is found -- but is taken away when Snake and Raiden are captured.
-There they meet 'Emma', aka 'Sunny', who refers to Ocelot as her Grandpa. Naomi and Julie serve as mother figures.
-Naomi later escapes with Sunny after stealing the FoxDie cure.
-A month later, Snake has dipped into a mental depression -- marks the beginning of his slow mental decay.
-Decides to leave Hal with Raiden and Mei as he goes to investigate the Russian Lab himself.
-Raiden and Mei search through labs in northern Canada after DJ gives them information.
-Snake drugs Hal in order to head to Europe by himself.
-Hal goes to DJ and endures a fair bit of torture in order to make them believe that he is Snake's friend. They allow him to fix a helicopter and take it overseas.


-A dogfight occurs between Hal's helicopter and a jet operated by more Toby clones; they're deadset on taking the life of Hal and Snake.
-Snake is displeased that Otacon followed him this far, but eventually warms up to the idea and realizes that he'll be safer with him once they reach London.
-After visiting Emma's Grave (Where Julie later shows up) they go on a train to Paris, eventually making their way across Europe for the better part of 1/2 weeks.
-Meanwhile, Raiden and Mei finally find Dr. Nichols in a lab, dying from a gunshot wound apparently inflicted by Ocelot. They panic and make their way to Europe to find Snake and Otacon.
-They all catch up together after a fight against Vamp in a small town in Transylvania. Snake is wounded by two knives to the back after protecting Hal, but this doesn't stop them all from traveling to the next possible city in order to regroup.
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